Many people use those foam paintbrushes around the house for quick touchups here and there but no serious painter is using them. They fall apart too quickly and, even though they’re cheap, it would take many to do the job of one real paintbrush. When you do the woodwork first, you can ride the trim paint onto the walls a little, You know, a brush with bristles and a metal band which holds them in place. Someone who paints for a living, or simply prefers to have decent paintbrushes when he does paint, can tend to collect several different sizes. It’s important to keep the paintbrushes neat and orderly because, after all, a good paintbrush is a bit costly. You don’t want the bristles all messed up and the handles all scraped and marred. Keep your paintbrushes stored as well as organized when you make a simple but useful paintbrush holder. It’s magnetic, it’s a breeze to create, and it will take good care of your paintbrushes.

Purchase a piece of narrow wood – like molding – from a home improvement store. They’ll cut it to the size you specify without charge. The wood should be flat on both sides and should be as long as you want the paintbrush holder to be. The width of the wood can be two to three inches. Another option is to use a piece of wood you might already have, like an old yardstick. Paint the chosen wood or use it as-is.

Use a nail or screw at each end of the wood piece to secure it to the wall. Position it so that the length of the wood is running horizontally. After it’s in place you can add the magnetic strips. Purchase a sheet or roll of magnetic sheeting from a craft store in your town or online. The sheeting is very thin magnet with an adhesive backing.

Cut sheeting strips to go across the length of the wood. Cover the entire wooden piece with the strips or just make two or three strips down the width of the wood. The strips can go all the way from the left to the right or you can just attach a section of the magnetic sheeting on the wood.

The metal bands of the paintbrush can be easily held by strips of magnetic sheeting. Simply position the metal band of the brush against the strips of magnet to hold them in place. Align as many brushes as you want, bristle side down, to organize them. The brushes will no longer be shoved into drawers where their bristles can be damaged.

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