Despite the regulations of the use of CBD, there are still many unregulated CBD that has been popping up in the past years. With the thought that it would alleviate problems such as joint pain, anxiety, seizures, insomnia, and much more, many are into using CBD as alternative medicine and for recreational use. After seeing these New CBD Coupons the first thing you will look for will be if CBD is legal in Canada anyway.

The Business of Using CBD

The popularity of CBD oil in Canada has been in an uprising, and there have been so many options on how it is used. From using it as a Vape Juice to different lines of teas, “serum,” and “intensive cream”- CBD has asserted itself as part of any growing business in Canada. The government of Canada has lauded the marijuana’s legalization last October 17, but this doesn’t mean all products that involve the plant is considered legal. Cannabis is regulated including the CBD oil. As per law, only those licensed producer are allowed to make it and only those registered sellers are given the signal to sell the products.

The hype of CBD oil has not stopped the merchants and consumers to think it is legal to use. Why do most people think that the use of CBD is legal even though the law says it’s regulated?

Unlike THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the conception that CBD does not harm nor intoxicate the person or animal using it is what most of the people are holding. Although it is a fact that CBD does not include harmful chemicals, there is still a huge gap in educating people about the components, use, and purpose in using CBD.

How is the Law Being Imposed?

Regulated CBD oil undergoes special quality testing. Products that include legal CBD have standards that need to be met despite the good track record of many legal producers. There is a certain amount of CBD that has to be put into the product. However, there has been a lack of enforcement on the use of legal CBD. The lack of actions of Health Canada and police into enforcing the use of legal marijuana has been a tough problem since merchants that sell the product with illegal CBD can be easily forgiven for thinking that those outside the licensed recreational and medical cannabis system can still be sold. Many licensed recreational and CBD stores sell product from legal websites across the country. For medical use, doctor’s authorization is emphasized before taking in medicines that include CBD.

Managing the Use of CBD

There is a need for re-education on the use of CBD in all aspect of the business, recreation, and medical purpose. The fact that marijuana has been legalized does not automatically suggest CBD be use blatantly. Many businesses that have been producing CBD illegally and re-educating consumers and producers about it should come first. There is a huge confusion about CBD, hemp, and cannabis, thus educating the majority that CBD is a controlled substance and only those licensed and registered are allowed to produce and reproduce the product is important.

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