The annual meet up of Roblox developers in 2018, the Roblox Developer Conference (RDC), was organised in the city of Amsterdam. The perfect setting for developers from all parts of the world, the RDC 2018 was a success like none other. Although you can get the economic benefits of free robux codes and win with your game.

The event was held at the Marriott Hotel and attracted over 200 creators and Roblox developers. The meetup was an amazing place to bring together people who were from the same community. Nothing could have been more inspiring and engaging than a week with members of your community from all over the world.

Key Highlights of the Event

Every attendee was in for a surprise welcome as they were treated to a bashing party full of snacks, drinks, and a DJ playing some of the hit crowd numbers. To increase interaction among the fellow members, ice-breaking rounds were held with raffle prizes at stake.

While the first day was full of fun events and a warm welcome for everyone, the second day of the event was full of engagement sessions and keynotes being delivered by the game’s top executives.

The CEO of Roblox, David “Builderman” Baszucki, took some time out of his schedule and interacted with all the guests through a live video stream delivered to the stage. He shared his vision for the game developers and how the game developers are well on track with a total earnings of over $70 million in in-game revenue just this year.

This was followed by an insightful talk by Grace Francisco, the Vice President of Developer Relations, highlighting the milestones the company and its community of developers have achieved since the last RDC in 2017. She further talked about the various tools, resources, and documentation that have been implemented until now and will continue developing in the coming times.

Adam Miller, the Vice President of Engineering Technology, gave a presentation of what’s in store for Roblox developers in the coming times. Through lighting and physics representation, he highlighted the improved in-game CSG system that will be coming up later.

The keynote presentation was finished by several workshops and knowledge sessions that allowed the attendees to learn about design, design, and various business topics that would further help them develop and market their games efficiently.

Annual Game Jam

No RDC can be concluded without the annual Game Jam event where an open platform was thrown open to all the attendees to develop a game using the theme of the event which is about reflections.

The judges then evaluated the entries on the basis of five criteria: audio, design, creativity, theme, and originality. While everyone did their best to develop something from scratch, three winners and two honourable mentions were picked form the lot to be awarded as 2018’s RDC winners.

The winners were:

  • Split!
  • Lightseeker
  • Lucid Dream

You can go and enjoy these games on Roblox platform and explore the other entries for a limited time period as well.


While the time for everyone to depart did come after a week of learning and madness, the RDC in Europe was definitely one of the finest developer conferences of the year and definitely a reason for celebration for the company’s huge success in 2018.

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