Westmount is a location in Canada that is best known for its suburban homes, especially in the province of Quebec. According to www.americangr.com here you will find a lot of attractions and tourist destinations that are visited by many every year. While Westmount is famous for its historical and cultural values, this is also a gastronomical hotspot for most Canadians and tourists. From local to international cuisines, restaurants in Westmount will surely turn into an experience that you will remember in a lifetime. As a piece of kitchen advice, it is best to explore them right here in the suburban Westmount.

Here are five of the best restaurants to try out in Westmount:

Park Restaurant – Located at Victoria Avenue, this Asian restaurant is the most well-known according to Urban Spoon, a popular restaurant rater in the province. They serve brunch until dinner and is known for their delectable Asian main dishes, side dishes, and their famous soups. Their culinary masterpieces, aided with their professional kitchen advice from top chefs in the restaurant, make Park Restaurant a key player in the dining scene in Montreal. This is the perfect location for dinner dates, special occasions, or a simple dine-out for the foodies.

Ryu Restaurant – This modern Western-Japanese restaurant is best known for its sushi. Their most mouthwatering menu includes a variety of sushi, soups, pokes, salads, beer, and a wide range of local and international wines. The ambiance of the restaurant resembles the mixture of two cultures, the infusion of modern designs, and the message that Ryu is a Yoshoku restaurant. This is best for foodies and Instagram food snappers, alongside regular dinner dates and special occasions.

Vago – This Italian restaurant is the go-to place for those who crave Italian and European cuisine. Located at Greene Avenue, the locals enjoy the presence of this restaurant as it offers a beautifully-decorated yet surprisingly comfortable ambiance paired with their tasty Italian and creative dishes. They are also proud to use the freshest quality ingredients for all their dishes, which is infused with the culinary magic of Chef Angelo Mercuri, their head chef. For the digital foodies of Montreal, this should be their next hotspot for creative food content on Instagram or Flickr.

Petros–Westmount – This restaurant offers the best authentic Greek cuisine made with fresh locally-sourced ingredients. Their salads, main dishes, and side dishes are one of the most notable in the Sherbrooke Street area and is considered a neighborhood gem in this part of Westmount. They are also one of the most affordable restaurants in Montreal. The restaurant is perfect for any occasion. All you have to do is bring your own wine, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Bacaro Urban Pizzeria – For the pizza lovers, this fancy wood-themed Italian restaurant in De Monkland Avenue is a must-visit. Their wood-burning oven pizza and authentic Italian pasta are one of the best foods in the area. Their wines are also one of the most exquisite brands as they boast authentic Italian wines. Everything in Bacaro is all about making yourself at home, or as they believe it, in Italy. This is perfect for group gatherings, small to large occasions, and even the digital foodies who want to explore more of the Italian cuisine.

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