The Lawn Tennis Club Volunteer Program

In order to find young talents in the community, the Lawn Tennis Club of Westmount Examiner is offering its volunteering program to all youth ages 5 to 15 years old. As a volunteer, you will serve the club during your free time and serve as a ball boy and game assistants to all club members. You will also help in maintaining the cleanliness of the courts while assisting all player-members during the game.

In exchange, the club will train the volunteer with top-notch trainer and coaches to develop his or her skills while presenting the club in future tournaments locally and outside the community. Other training will also be involved, including physical and mental training programs to develop the volunteer into the best tennis player from the community.

This program was developed to find another tennis player that will represent the community and the tennis club in future tournaments. The city has already produced a world-caliber tennis player in Cecile Lehnert who is already ranked on the top 50 in the WTA ranking at her young age of 20 years old.  The tennis club believes that there are more kids that can be discovered and trained to be the best tennis player that comes from our beloved community.