To all our new residents,

We welcome you all to our beloved city of Westmount Examiner. This beautiful place is absolutely a perfect choice for you to live as we have a united community that promotes green living and the love of our Mother Earth. The city has the best infrastructure and amenities combined with the exceptional neighbourhood spirit from all citizens and the best public service that the government has to offer.

People in our beloved community promote volunteerism and have, one-way-or-the-other, contributed to making life in our city more meaningful and special. We have the best sports and recreational activities, encouraging our residents of all ages to actively participate in all sports, cultural events, and other similar activities. We are proud of our city library and the Westmount Examiner Cultural and Events Center, the home of our culture-related programs and activities.

The city prides itself in its history of active citizen’s participation of all community groups, recreational activities, and civic affairs. As a new resident, we encourage you to find the best organization, events, and activities that you’re interested in so that you can actively participate in the community.

  • Library and Community Events

The Westmount Examiner Public Library has been the source of knowledge to all citizens in the city and has served several generations since it opened on June 12, 1915. This is the community’s most in-demand and used public facility were acquiring a membership can give you access to over 20,000 educational materials including books, educational movies, music, eMagazines, and eBooks. The Library also offers year-round activities to all its members and residents including film screenings, seminars, reading activities, and book clubs.

The Westmount Examiner Cultural and Events Center is the primary venue of all cultural and community presentations, arts events, recreational activities, and other related programs that are being presented to the public through the center.

  • Sports and Recreational Activities

The city has the Sports and Recreational Department that offers several programs and activities to all its residents of all ages. In order to serve you better, the department has come up with a membership card that will serve as the main identification instrument to all users of the city’s sports and recreational facilities, including the Westmount Examiner Recreational Center, the city’s indoor courts for volleyball, basketball, and the outdoor courts for lawn tennis.

As a new resident, it is important for you to secure the membership card to avail and used our top-notched sports facilities.

  • Schools

The city is home to the best educational institutions that provide quality education and knowledge to all its residents. The community currently has 3 community public schools, 10 private schools, and 1 community college.

  • Parking

All local residents in the city that do not have the proper parking space must secure a permit from the city council to park on the street. For visitors, parking is limited only for four hours unless stated by a specific permit. Overnight parking can be reserved through the city’s Public Security Office before the 11 pm deadline.