The city of Westmount Examiner prides itself in promoting green living and taking care of Mother Nature for the future of the next generation. As a community, the citizens are working together to promote cleanliness in the overall surroundings of the city. The city council is also leading its way in developing initiatives to promote sustainable living that will meet the needs and requirements of the new generations in the near future.

Vision Statement on Sustainability

The residents of Westmount Examiner are all aspiring for sustainable development that should be connected to the community, to the environment, the public health, and the economy. The community’s vision is to be more responsible and proactive in promoting sustainable development towards each other and to other communities in general. The community also acknowledges that it serves as a guardian to the natural environment where it is important to balance between the needs of the society and the needs of the environment and the ecosystem.

The community also accepts the importance of promoting an environmental and social conscious economy that is based on sensible and proper used of human and natural resources. The residents of the city also support providing respect and supporting human health and dignity in all aspects. For the community’s heritage, it is the duty of the citizens to protect and preserve history, culture, and the distinct landscape that our community has built throughout the years.

To be able to realize these visions, the city council, the government, and the citizens of the city must work together to promote sustainable living without compromising future generations.

In the city, promoting and implementing sustainable development must be based on the following values:

  • Constant development in improving sustainable development measures
  • Promotes recycling, reusing, and reducing the use of resources
  • Climate change must be considered
  • Work hard to maintain architectural and cultural preservation
  • Prioritize sustainable renovation and construction
  • Promote an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Support human equality
  • Always provide leadership to the community
  • Focus on the use of renewable energy sources

The city’s vision statement towards sustainable development provides a glimpse of what the community wants for the future of our children. It provides guidance and direction to the community and the city council to make sustainable development a priority in terms of the development of projects and policies in the city. Sustainable development must be implemented to provide what the city currently needs and for the future and the life of the new generations.