The city of Westmount Examiner prides itself in having the most active residents that are fully engaged in various organizations and community groups within the city. Diversity and difference in heritage is definitely not a hindrance in participating in different organizations as we welcome new residents to find a particular group that caters their hobby or interest as you try to blend in our community.

The lists below are some of our local and non-profit groups and organizations ready to accept as new members once you joined our community.

  • Westmount Examiner Library Group – this is the exclusive group from our popular public library. If you like reading and spending time in the library, then this group is for you.
  • Lawn Tennis Club – The club members are those actively using and playing the tennis center in the community. Membership of this group will allow you to participate in several tournaments being held year-round.
  • Rotary Club Westmount Examiner – the Rotary Club of the city has been helping the community through its various projects that help in uplifting the lives of the residents of the city.
  • Westmount Examiner Hooper – This group is composed of basketball enthusiasts who are very much engaged in playing the sport in the community. The group also is actively organizing tournaments year-round to promote basketball as a sport in the beloved community.
  • Scouting Group – the local scout group in the community is very much active in organizing outdoor activities for boys, girls, and even at the youth level. The program promotes adventure and fun while teaching a different skill set to all its members.

Youth at Westmount Examiner – This organization is dedicated to all youth in the community aged 5 to 19 years old. The group aims to guide the youth to be a good citizen in the community while training them personal growth techniques and new skill set.