Most buyers aren’t there to admire your vast collection of Rooster canisters and country geese salt and pepper shakers. Who buys houses in NJ and Potential buyers want to see if your kitchen has enough counter space, cabinetry and potential..a clean clutter free kitchen spells spacious..even a small kitchen will seem bigger.

So many times I have seen pictures taken from the Realtor of the home they are trying to sell and what do I see? You’d think people would know by now but so many don’t, Realtors are falling down on the job for not advising better.. Clothes draped all over in the bedroom, messy closets, dishes in the sink..These things distract and turn off the potential buyer far before they ever visit your home.. Think you need help? Too overwhelming? Ask friends and family for a helping hand, and go ahead and pack some of those things away, if you sell your home, you will be glad of all the things you packed in advance..Also, have drapes either dry cleaned or replaced, you’d be surprised how much smells they hold and even if you don’t realize it, the person entering your home will. Give those carpets a good steam cleaning, remember, smells will be noticed by others, whether you notice anything or not. Furniture, please spray with any number of fabric fresheners on the market…

Needless to say, put Mr. Jingles and his litter box some where else, in the garage, on the back porch, -anywhere but in the home, I don’t care how clean you think your cat is, people can smell pets from a mile away. Funky smells wont sell.

A professional can come in a consult with you and see room for improvement even if you cant. They will spot things you haven’t noticed and give you ideas that you haven’t considered as they are trained to give a room a thorough look, from all sides.

Stick to neutral paint, I know you love your turquoise bedroom, but buyers may not own turquoise bedding..beige’s, warm golds..stick to these colors. Give your door and window trims a fresh coat of semi or high gloss white paint. Not to mention they give your home a fresh look and believe it or not fresh paint can in some cases make your home smell better..

It pays to do a little research. It doesn’t take a mastermind to go on line and see the competition. This will give you an idea of what you’re competing with. Check the com parables in your area. A lot of banks now have a link that you can find the value of your home by. Bank of America is one. They will show you the value of your home and also what the market trends are and what the homes around you are worth. Becoming informed is your best defense.

Now that I have told you to go on line, take a peek at the local homes for sale in your area and take notice of the photographs, might notice something that I did. Realtors take horrible pictures of homes.Why? I don’t know..So, take pictures of your home yourself (after you’re done all improvements). Ask your Realtor if you can use your pictures for the listing.

Pull back your drapes buyers want light filled rooms, and snap away. Take several angles per room and make sure you pay close attention to the special attributes.

Curb appeal may be one of the single most important factors. Many potential buyers drive by the home that they are interested in. A quick couple of planters on your front stoop will welcome your buyers, and make your home stand out from the rest. Several groups of flowers make a bigger impact en mass so go get those inexpensive hanging baskets and place them close together (take the hangers off ) you can place them in inexpensive clay pots, –this gives a unified and classier look ..which is nicer than the plastic pot they come in..Petunias are pretty showy and easy to care for and will look very nice on the porch or steps leading up to your front door. Wind chimes are a nice calming effect and will make potential buyers feel relaxed and invited..

Cut your grass. Mulch your beds. These things will be noticed. Also, one thing some over look, spruce up the old mail box..we want the potential buyers to think this is a well maintained home. That means less worries for them.

Prune your shrubs preferably well in advance in case you go crazy and lop something off that should have been left alone..dead wood and odd growing branches will seem out of place and overgrown..remember, we want a well manicured, well maintained home.

Before I forget, please, clean your closets, move excess clothing to the attic, and clean your appliances. Your refrigerator is liable to be looked into, whether you have it included or not. Cabinets in the kitchen should look tidy. Do not overload them as it will seem like there isn’t enough space. Use common sense. Take out the garbage. Its the little details you don’t want to forget on open house day, but those little details can lose a buyer so pay attention. Have a close friend of family member walk through your home with you and help spot possible problems. Make sure they are the honest type and will give it to you straight.

We want the buyer to think about envisioning themselves in your home, seeing pictures of your family everywhere will make them have a harder time placing themselves in your home. Put them away temporarily, if you sell your home you will be glad they are already packed!

Personal mementos, all need to be packed away..these things are dust catchers, you may love them but they could not only distract a buyer, but send them into a sneezing fit..dust the shelves, pack the what nots and don’t forget the ceiling fans, and fake plants. All hold dust, and dust means untidy. If you want greenery, get the real deal. They are attractive and can soften up a room that may seem too cold.

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