On the news today I saw that our consumer segment had to go to bat to help a lady receive a refund on a mattress she bought that started sinking 2 weeks into use. It took 7 months and her back was in pain and she was out the money until the media helped achieve a refund.

Evidently a little known clause in many mattress warranties allows that if you do not buy and approved frame – well, tough luck, the warranty is dead.

Given this there are ways to deal with the company without adding the cost of a brand new frame unless NECESSARY.

What you can do is take a photo and the information from your old frame in with you to show the sales people. When you buy your bed, GET IN WRITING the warranty will be honored while using this bed frame. Then if something should go wrong it cannot be blamed on the frame. You will have the documentation that the warranty should not be voided because of the frame.

I would also shop around. It is hard because mattresses are not easy to compare. BUT find one at a place that has good return policy. Charge the purchase if possible, even if you pay it off right away. Many credit cards give protections for purchases. Check with your credit card company.

Another thing to do is to keep a written log of when the mattress is turned and FOLLOW the sales and manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. Usually if its standard mattress, you flip and turn it once a month. Pillow tops only turn once a month. Check if it is okay to vacuum the mattress to remove dust mites.

Keep you receipt and consider purchasing a good quality mattress cover so that stains and such will not void warranty. Check all instructions for care for your mattress purchase carefully.

A new mattress is a major investment and should not be hurting your back. Make the time to investigate before buying the return policies as well as the comfort level. You will be glad you did.

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