Pressure relieving or a good hybrid mattress are necessary for people with physical conditions that cause pain, even when they lie down. For example, arthritic individuals can experience hip or leg pain while lying in bed, due to poor musculoskeletal alignment. Poor alignment is not the fault of the individual, but rather of a mattress that does not properly support the bones, ligaments, joints and muscles.

When a person is in a resting state, the body falls into its own natural alignment. The problem arrives with a mattress that does not listen to the body’s signals. The body knows how it needs to be positioned in order to be comfortable. However, a mattress that is too firm cannot sufficiently yield to the body’s weight and ends up pushing parts of the body into positions that are unnatural and stressful.

Comfort with Pressure Relieving Mattresses

The same goes for a mattress that is too soft. An overly soft, sagging mattress cannot support the body’s natural alignment either. Thus the musculoskeletal system falls into an unnatural position, once again causing stress on the joints, muscles and ligaments. On the other hand, pressure relieving mattresses occupy the middle ground between too soft and too firm, containing the key to good support.

This is not just due to mattress firmness, but also to the advanced technology that goes into these mattresses. Unlike conventional mattresses, pressure relieving mattresses are made of a foam material that actually listens to the body and accommodates its needs. It does so by sensing body weight and temperature, either expanding to fill unsupported areas, such as the gap in the small of the back, or compressing underneath points of greater body weight to relieve pressure on that area.

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