Are you passionate about both traveling and writing? Well as per the experts, why not use your passion for writing travel-related articles to earn money?

If you’ve got a story to share, then you’re in the right place. Today, we will talk about finding writing services related to travel and creating the perfect pitch to get jobs.

What are the Different Types of Travel Writing Jobs?

Have you ever come across a blog that talks about their personal experience when they traveled that place? Well, that is an example of travel writing.

Travel writing isn’t only limited to writing blogs about the experience, however. There are also other types of travel writing including:

  • How-to articles which can be a traveling guide
  • A list of must-visit and must-see things in a city
  • Food or delicacies to try
  • Advice articles which can be your traveling tips
  • Holiday specials and events to look forward to in a city
  • And more!

As you can see, there are various traveling topics that you can write about. Select one that you are comfortable with and share your experience with others.

Where Can You Look for Freelance Travel Writing Jobs?

Freelance platforms

Freelance platforms are websites where you can look for writing gigs. There are usually plenty of travel-related jobs available on freelance platforms, so it wouldn’t be a problem to look for a job that fits your needs.

Travel blogs

Do you know a travel blog that you would love to write for? If so, you can check and see if they offer paid guest posts in their blog.


Craigslist is an advertising website with various sections, one of which is dedicated to jobs. Although the website design may seem outdated, it is a legal and trusted website where writers can find many writing-related jobs.

How can you write an excellent pitch?

The secret to getting writing jobs is to write an excellent pitch. Remember, you are finding writing services, and you want your clients to hire you. Therefore, you should write a good pitch to create a lasting first impression.

So, how can you write an excellent pitch?

  • Introduce yourself and state what you do – Remember, your clients do not know who you are. Introduce yourself and tell them what you do. Try also to highlight any achievements that you’ve earned related to writing or traveling.
  • Tell them how much you love traveling – Of course, people wouldn’t want to trust a person who has no experience traveling to write travel-related articles.
  • State your topic idea (if you’re applying for a guest post) – What do you want to write about? It is also essential to do research beforehand and see if your proposed topic is already written or not.
  • Include your best writing works in a .pdf file or a link to your portfolio – The clients may want to see your writing style and see if you fit their qualifications.
  • Answer any questions they ask in the job post – Clients may ask questions about you. Sometimes, they may also put a specific code in the job post, which you have to write in your pitch to identify that you have read the whole job post.
  • Say your thanks – Be polite. Having the right attitude is one of the essential factors in any job.


Today, we have discussed finding writing services related to travel and writing your pitch for clients. There may be ups and downs along your journey, but we believe you can do it if you work hard. Have fun writing!

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