Are you a traveler? Do you usually smoke? You may already have had a glimpse of how not-so-awesome it is to travel in different localities with different rules on smoking. But, of course, it would just be awesome if you have popular rigs under $50 and can do both travel and smoke, right?

You can actually have the pleasurable delights of the wonders of this world, and the scenic beauty of the tourist spots worldwide, without having to compromise your smoking habits. You just have to do responsible smoking (with or without the assistance of dab rigs) while travelling!

So, what are the things that you need to remember when travelling and with your smoking patterns? Read on.

  • Awareness

Tolerance on “lack of cigarette” is when you have this uncontrollable urge in more than once per day of actually hitting up your cigarette. It normally takes up a pattern on your body.

While travelling, it is important that you know when you are supposed to have the urge to smoke. You need to consider the queue length that you are about to take on, or the flight duration that you are about to board. You know how it feels like when you were not able to smoke at the right time, right?

  • Pack up the essentials.

Okay, you have to bear in mind that you could not always find a place in your destination where they have available lighters, cigarette packs, or even dab rigs for your needs. So, you have to pack up the essentials before you even step out of your house to travel.

  • Do your research.

Just in case you failed to prepare for a spontaneous getaway, you can do a research on your way there! Not being able to grab your cigarette and lighter on your pockets is just a horrible thing to imagine. So, it would be best that you could surf the web for the price of cigarette packs, lighters, or dab rigs in your place of destination. It would really be awesome to have such relief upon your arrival!

  • Read the signs.

Seriously, you could get in trouble when you fail to read the signs. Most resorts and tourist spots have their own designated areas for smoking. Naturally, there would also be signs in some areas where they tell you that it is a non-smoking zone. It is important that you are alert and attentive to all these details for safer and less hassle smoking.

  • Be courteous at all times.

Remember that you are not alone in your travels. You may have some companions who are non-smokers. Try to keep a safe distance with them when you are smoking in order to just respect their preferences also. This way, they will respect your smoking habit also.

See? You can travel and smoke at the same time! There is no need to compromise one or the other. Just keep these reminders and you will be fine. Now you can worry less in travelling and smoking!

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