We all get how tiring signages can be as they take up too much of those advertising space. As mentioned by Label Basic in a blogpost, You are also not the only one who is annoyed at those printing labels that leave marks when you remove them. Well, have you ever tried using adhesive vinyl graphics? If no then we suggest you try it right away. Adhesive vinyl can be used in pretty much everything, from storefront windows, carts to vehicles. Easy to apply and easy to remove which makes it the best choice for advertisement especially for short-term advertising.

Adhesive Vinyl Graphics, ever heard of it?

A self-adhesive product that can be attached to most surfaces like glass, metal, plastic, and wood. Printed on a sheet that caters with all sizes and shapes and then placed onto your designated surface, very much like your local temporary tattoo, vinyl graphics are removable and it does not leave any messy marks. Extremely durable as they are printed using a weatherproof eco-solvent ink that makes them more suitable for long term outdoor use.

In which type of surface can you put it?

Adhesive vinyl graphics can be placed to most surfaces, including those slightly textured walls which in most cases make banners look horrible. To lessen your worries, most printing businesses offer an installation and maintenance service to help you put the adhesive signages on.

Why consider using it?

Paints used for banners or signages can fade over in due time, making it look old, and let’s face it, less compelling to the public’s view. Adhesive Vinyl Graphics are made to be susceptible to UV rays, which means it is less likely to fade over whatever the weather is. The flexibility of adhesive vinyl has also quite proven to be better than signages and banners, not to mention the different types of adhesive vinyl whether it may be matte or glossy. Let us also not forget the time consumed by this adhesive vinyls, practically speaking, it won’t take you that much time to set up one vinyl graphic.

Is it good for short-term advertisements?

Wanting to set up three-day sale signage for your store? Well, one advantage of using adhesive vinyl is that it’s easy to put up and easy to remove. So for short-term advertisements or for store owners who try to find new ways and designs on how to advertise their business, these vinyl graphics sure help a lot. Most stores that do Adhesive Vinyl Graphics have no limit to what the size and shape are, it can be used for smaller areas but it can also be used in covering a large space.

Bringing you a reliable and safe advertising method that stands amongst any weather, using a durable material that would not take much of your time in setting it up and taking it down, what better way to describe the Adhesive Vinyl Graphics. What are the limits of vinyl graphics? None, as long as it is programmable then it is not impossible. The Westmount signs offer consultations and free mockups for you to create and compare ideas. They also offer installation and maintenance services to help you set up that wonderful signage you have been dreaming of for your business or store.

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