Many owners of classic cars only get to enjoy the beauty of the unique exteriors and only drive them once in a while. Some classic cars, especially the restored ones by, are only for show and are not considered roadworthy. This is because finding original parts of many classic vehicles is easy.

However, if you are looking to take that old ford for a road trip, do some upgrades using modern car parts that can fit the classic car. Many classic car owners do this in a process known as resto-modding to create restomod cars. Restomod cars are classic cars with modern upgrades.

so, to turn your classic car into a restomod car that is everyday roadworthy, here are five modern upgrades you can begin with:

Electronic Ignition

Classic cars were made using a point ignition system. The point ignition system switches the coil on and off at the right time. This process wears down the contact points, which deteriorate over time and might cause starting problems and performance.
To avoid causing unnecessary traffic on the road, it is smart to upgrade the old ignition system with the modern electronic ignition. Electronic ignitions are reliable, and the price is affordable for most models.

Power Steering

When most classic cars were being manufactured, the power steering was not invented. This is why you feel like you are doing a work out when driving a classic car through busy roads or in tight spaces. It might be dangerous too.
Stay safe and drive with minimal effort by upgrading to the modern power steering. Power steering makes it much easier to navigate in tight and crowded streets. Many classic car lovers fit their restomod cars with power steerings to make the driving more comfortable.

Disc Brakes

Classic cars use drum brakes in their braking systems. They are reliable, but they wear out quickly and demand constant care. The modern alternatives are the disc brakes that are readily available, affordable, and last longer than the drum brakes.

Air Conditioning

ACs tend to cause engine drags. They are also not effective in today’s climate, which has made the summers too hot than earlier years. Switching to modern air conditioning will keep you fresh during heatwaves without causing engine drags.

Electronic Engine Fan

Classic cars use mechanical fans that operate by turning on and off, depending on how fast the engine motor is spinning. It might have worked well in recent years when traffic was less, but in today’s roads, using a mechanical fan will undoubtedly cause your engine to overheat.
The modern-day electric engine fan help keep restomod cars’ engines cool even when you are stuck in slow traffic.

Final Thoughts

Driving a classic car is not illegal, but driving it when it is not roadworthy is unlawful and quite dangerous too. To be on the safe side of the law, and still enjoy the classic car with a modern car driving experience, spare a few dollars to make the few upgrades mentioned above. You will not regret it.

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