Recliners are made to offer comfort; however, you might not be having the required money to buy your preferred sleeping recliners. With just $ 150 you can change a recliner sofa to make a harvest316’s Supine Computing Solution by following the steps below.


Used typist chair. It should have 5-wheel star base

1m pole (metal or wood)

2m PVC tubing


450 PVC angle joints


VESA donut pole mount

Bessa blocks



  1. Call your local hardware store to enquire about the diameter of PVC tubing to purchase.
  2. Look for a second-hand chair with a diameter close to PVC tubing you found at the hardware.
  3. Buy a VESA donut pole that is equal to the diameters above.
  4. Purchase a 2m PVC tubing as well as a 1m pole. This should be matched to perfectly fit in the chair stem and the PVC tubing.
  5. Cut the chair from its base but the maximum possible stem attached to the base.
  6. Take a pole (wooden pole works well here) and ensure it fits firmly in the stem attached at the base of the chair.
  7. Place your bessa block (weightlifting barbells can also be used) over the top of your pole. It should be resting on the feet of the chair.
  8. For good results make a sketch of PVC and pole considering your preferred heights before cutting.
  9. Cut your PVC tubing to two 500mm parts. One should be horizontal and the other one diagonal. Also, cut another one in a vertical section as determined by your sketch.
  10. Cut your poles to support the longer vertical PVC parts. This should be done as much as possible.
  11. Connect the 500mm sections of your PVC tubing and the longer part using glue to make a 450 joint.
  12. Take the vertical part of the PVC and fit it perfectly over the pole in a way that will allow rotation of the monitor arm away from a person without jiggling.
  13. If you want to adjust the height of the monitor with at least 150mm you will need to slice the PVC riser parts with 15-30mm.
  14. Obtain the weight of your monitor, with a detached base. Use can search its specs from the internet or by using a bathroom scale.
  15. Test the strength of your frame. You can do this by hanging a weight that is slightly higher than the weight of the monitor. If your monitor weighs 15kg use 20kg weight. Leave it overnight.
  16. If the frame falls reinforce the base using barbell/brick.
  17. It the frame bends reduces the length of the PVC.
  18. If the frame breaks, start the process again. This means your monitor could have fallen.
  19. If you are still not sure about the strength, add more weight and leave it for about two to three days.
  20. Paint using your preferred paint.
  21. Attach the VESA mount to the monitor following instructions.
  22. Place your floor standing monitor arm at your preferred site.
  23. Fix the monitor as well as the VESA donut mount to your completed monitor arm.
  24. Enjoy your finished product.

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