Time management is a process in organizing and planning as to how you will divide your time between specific activities that you will be doing in the future. Experts from http://bedlamtheatre.org/ explained that being able to manage your time makes you work smarter and make things done at a particular time, even if you will be in a tight schedule.

As a student-athlete, you should never forget that some challenges, like managing your time and schedule, are part of your game. Many things will occur like conflicts, deadlines to meet, and some compromises to be kept and done. Having life like being a student-athlete is not easy. It is very messy and chaotic, but you have to adapt to it and be open-minded in everything or in every situation to happen.

The secret here is to become aware and have a presence of mind. Your skills and capabilities will surely and be tested. Your abilities to plan future activities and taking charge of your time plays a huge role in your overall being as a student-athlete.

Time Management Obstacles

  • Feeling overwhelmed and helpless.
  • Choosing fulfillment over the continuing success
  • Lacking an activity plan daily.
  • Athletes spend a lot of time traveling from one place to another for competitions.
  • Athletes are required to spend a lot of time training and working out.
  • Not spending your time most in not doing anything
  • Able to start the day early and be finishing it very late.
  • Able to manage college freedom
  • Procrastinating in the essential tasks you have or give.

Three Time Management Tips for Student-Athlete

To solve the time management obstacles above, we have collected few online advice on how student athletes can effectively mana their time. Here are three of the best tips for student athlete who wants to manage their time better.

  1. Make a Daily To-do List

Making a to-do-list is simple but not that easy. The tick is not has something to do with the file itself, but it is how you will be able to find time in writing one and what to do.

  1. Time-block Your Tasks

In making a list, make sure to block a particular time for each activity. It would be best if you had allotted time for each activity or task you will do because it can help you be productive each day. Like for example, if you are an athlete, so if you are a basketball varsity player in school, then you can block your 2 hours in practicing basketball and an hour for your rest and review for an exam.

  1. Avoid Distractions

It would help if you always put in mind to focus on whatever you do. Whether in practicing your sport or doing exams in school. Put in mind that time ticks and never stops running, so should you. The truth is you will be distracted only if you allow distractions to go through your, and this happens if you allow it to happen, so you should have and take control of everything you do because you hold everything precisely things you and your time.

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