Hardwood floors definitely increase the aesthetics of your room, but the whole process of cleaning them can be complicated without shower tile cleaner at floorcleaningtools. In fact, the right way to clean them is still left up to debate.

Some would advise using several mixtures for cleaning floors, particularly hardwood floors, while some would rather go the traditional route of using soap and water.

If you’re torn between these two conflicting ideas, then don’t worry. We have compiled these tips to help you transform your dull and grimy hardwood floors into a spotless and gorgeous surface:

Invest in the Right Cleaning Tools

In order to achieve a well-cleaned hardwood floor, you need to make sure that you have all the right cleaning tools ready. One of the highly recommended tools for cleaning floors is a microfiber dust mop which is used for removing dirt, dust, and any other particles.

Use the Floor Cleaning Product Recommended by Your Floor Finisher

If the contractor who has finished your hardwood floor recommended a floor cleaning product for keeping your floor clean, then it’d be best to go with that recommendation. However, if you find that the recommended product is quite expensive or even hard to find, then you can go with the old soap and water instead.

To start, add 1/4 cup of mild soap to one bucket of water then use a mop to start cleaning your floors.

Avoid Using Lemon Juice or Vinegar

Don’t opt for a vinegar or lemon juice solution for cleaning your hardwood floors. It’s because these solutions will end up damaging the seal of your floor.

Use a Damp Mop

Keep in mind that water will be wood’s worst enemy, and the same applies even on sealed floors. Therefore, instead of using a wet mop for cleaning your floor, go for a damp mop instead.

Whenever possible, don’t let water stay for a long time while cleaning your hardwood floors. Instead, work in a small area one at a time. If you don’t want your knees or hands touching the floor, you can go for a spin mop instead.

Before you proceed to clean another area in your room, make sure you allow the floors to dry first. Also, start from the top down to the bottom when cleaning – meaning the floor should be the last area you should clean.

Dust Your Floor First Before Mopping

You don’t want to rub dirt into your floor as it could only damage its finish. Therefore, before you even start mopping, you should first dust your floor using a mop that’s treated with a dusting agent. This will allow you to pick up dirt, dust, and even pet hair.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your hardwood floors isn’t all that hard. You simply have to prepare the right cleaning tools such as a microfiber dust mop, the right floor cleaning product, and a bucket of water. Hopefully, with the tips we’ve prepared, you’ll be able to get a squeaky clean hardwood floor without damaging its finish and quality.

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