“Low disk space.” “No space left on your device.” Whatever error you are seeing on your screen due to a large number of photos and videos, you cannot deny the fact that you need bigger storage like this source and deleting is not an option. Well, you are on the right track. This blog will help you look for the best photo storage you need.

Here are the 5 best online storage for photos and videos:

pCloud- it is a secure online cloud storage where you can store and share your files anywhere. Two of its features are image viewer and slideshow option. Once your videos are converted to a web format, you can now use their integrated video player which does not stutter.

A free pricing plan gives a 10GB of free storage. If you get to refer a friend, you will have another 1GB. Personal users have two plans to choose from:

Premium (500GB for $4.99 per month)

Premium Plus (2TB for $9.99 per month)

Google Drive- This is where you can create albums, movies, collages, and animations by using your uploaded photos. Their free plan gives a 15GB of free space. Google Drive has six plans to select from, ranging from 100GB to 30TB.

The 100GB plan is highly recommended by many because you only have to pay $2 per month. You can always share your photos and videos if you want to. You can do it through email or sharing it directly to Google+, Facebook and Twitter. The service is user-friendly and proposes unlimited storage for exceptional quality pictures.

Amazon Drive- one feature of this service is Prime Photos where you can easily generate albums, share photos with groups of people, modify photos and order prints. You’ll get unlimited storage if you are an Amazon Prime user.

They also have this so-called  “family vault” that allows you to configure a group or collection of pictures and let other users add their photos and videos in one platform or drive. If you desire storage higher than 5GB, there are 13 programs or plans to choose from. The 1TB plan is commended for the price of only $5 monthly.

DropBox- If you are a person who likes to get feedback, this is the best service that you need because you can add comments on specific areas, which is an interesting feature.

Their video player has options if you want some playbacks or if you want to adjust the play speed. If you like their free plan, the Dropbox Basic, you will get 2GB of free storage. If it entails you to more storage, you can settle in between their two plans:

Plus- 1TB of storage for $10 per month

Professional- more attributes for $20 dollars per month, but not more storage space

You can also synchronize your phone so that every time you capture a photo, it gets uploaded automatically.

OneDrive- Their image viewer has options to rotate, insert, utilize office lens effect and request prints. It also has a video player with basic components that will start your videos the moment you transfer them.

If you use the service for free, you will acquire access to a 5GB of memory, and also to Office Online. Here are some of their plans:

50GB for $2 per month

1TB for $6.99 per month

5TB plan offers you 5TB for 5 different users for $10 per month

Take into consideration the plan that suits your needed storage size. With these photo and video storage services, you will be able to save those irreplaceable moments you had on your debut or trip to Europe.

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