Canada has unique rules when it comes to Best Cat Litter For Odor Control for your pets. If you’ve always wanted to be an owner of an unusual pet – Canada is just the place for you! This country is considered a pet-friendly country with regulations and opportunities made suitable for pet-owners and those still hoping to become one.

Things You Need to Know

  • 57% of the Canadian Household have pets which equals to around 7.5 million pet-loving homes.
  • 9% of the Canadian community owns uncommon types of animals such as birds, fishes, reptiles, and mammals.
  • Canada has a vast array of pet services available including pet-sitting, training, and boarding.
  • In Canada, dogs are less popular compared to cats with around 37% owning cats while only 32% owning dogs as pets.
  • In total, Canada has an estimated cat population of 7.9 million and a dog population of 5.9 million.

9 Unique and Legal Pets in Canada


Capybaras look like extremely huge hamsters. They are amazing pets, despite not being easy to look after because they love attention, and need a pool to swim in and grass to graze on. They are sometimes aggressive and have sharp teeth.

Sugar Gliders

They are pretty intelligent animals, and are as trainable as dogs. They can learn their names, and answer when they are called, and learn cool tricks too. However, they are very social animals, and need to be in groups or couples so they don’t get depressed and die.


Wallabies can have a range of fur patterns and colors. They are trainable, and very popular pets in certain parts of Canada. They need playpens when they are young, for them to feel safe, and comfortable.

Mini Donkeys

They are a great option if you’re looking at living in a rural area, because they need big fields to graze and exercise in as well as salt lick and hay to maintain them. When looked after properly, they can live to be 35 years old! They make loyal and cute family pets.


Hedgehogs are like cute, spiky hamsters. They don’t need too much attention, as they are pretty shy animals. They don’t need too much maintenance either – just regular feeding and cleaning. They love to sleep during the day, and stay awake at night.

Pygmy Goats

They have an amazing amount of energy. They make a lot of noise and love to prance around. They will be happiest in a rural area, and are pets that young kids will enjoy.

Potbellied Pigs

They are great foodies, and as intelligent as dogs. They can be taught to obey commands and perform tricks. They tend to get bored easily, and when they are bored, they start destroying things. It is best to provide them with a large, open space and a lot of food.

Fennec Foxes

They are as independent as cats and as energetic as dogs. They make for friendly, happy and playful pets. They love to sleep and socialize. They also bark like dogs, so it’s better to own one if you don’t have many neighbors   living nearby.


Their furs are like that of a cheetah – quite unique and beautiful. They love to sleep at daytime and be active during the night. They need warm temperatures, open spaces and rodents to eat. Only some generations can own this pet – in Alberta, it is permitted for only the F4 and lower generation.

Some of these exotic pets are legal only in Canada. The laws for ownership are changing quickly, so it is best to research on the policies for more information about your chosen pet in the area you’re going to be living in.

Visiting/Migrating to Canada with A Domestic Pet

You can enter Canada with your pet dog or cat as long as you have valid certification of rabies vaccination from a licensed veterinarian. The certificate should be in French or English.

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