Having a hard time finding a safe cloud for your data? It’s normal to be somehow skeptical about choosing the right cloud storage. It’s hard to feel safe and secure on the internet with all the hackers around and the government being technologically involved. Thats why it is time to sticks for photo storage and say good bye to clouds.

Having a safe and reliable cloud storage system will really be helpful not just as photo storage, but also as a safe haven for your other online data such as banking information and online documents.

In this article, we’ll give you the Top 5 Best Cloud Storage in Canada 2019.


The first thing that you’ll love about this cloud is that it provides 5gb of storage for free! Not only that, it also keeps every file you have safe and continually updated in different locations through its cloud storage system. Sync.com is also helpful for saving storage space since it has a ‘sync feature’ that is very important for users in keeping their hard drive free from the risks of data corruption. This cloud storage also has a zero-knowledge encryption feature which is helpful for decreasing junk or cache data.

One Drive Cloud

This is another trusty cloud storage that we recommend for user-convenience. This cloud is powered by Microsoft. This cloud has the ability to back-up all the files you have in all your devices. Apple users are quite familiar with this cloud since it is the built-in back-up system in their gadgets. One Drive Cloud also allows easy access to files and local computer synchronization. The starting storage size for this cloud is 1TB but it can be continually upgraded. This cloud storage is recommended for business use and for storing files and documents.


Box.com provides a unique feature of easy and secured document file sharing which may be rare to other types of cloud. This storage system does not just store file safely, but it also gives the users controls and configuration settings when it comes to syncing and document sharing.


This cloud storage has a zero-knowledge encryption technology which will help protect and secure your data privacy. For a start, pCloud’s free plan will provide you with a 10gb starting storage. It is also known for being the best cloud storage for Linux powered software.


Egnyte promotes a centralized control system where the user may manipulate his files regardless of its current location and data type. Its storage can be stretched up to 1TB depending on the level of upgrade requested.

Availing cloud storage for your online data may cost you a few dollars monthly; the expense that you will incur though, will not be for nothing since it will be used for the site’s maintenance to keep its system running.

With today’s times in which data breach, government data access and hacking of accounts normally happen, it is best to keep yours safe through investing for safe and reliable cloud storage.

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