Canada’s baseball bible team has always been getting its place and medals in different international sports competition. The country, aside from the beauty of its place and the high quality of living it provides, attracts an increasing number of tourist visits every year due to its openness to sports.

Canada takes sports not only as a way to compete but also to unite their country. Canadians are known to be pro-sports people, and a lot of sports fandoms are based there.

Out of all the other sports activities there is, the following are the most played in Canada:


Canada is known for having its own governing body for baseball — Baseball Canada. They had their first major league team, the Toronto Blue Jays, back in 1977. From then on, baseball became the most valued sports in the country.

The oldest baseball park in the whole world is located in Canada, specifically at Labatt Park, Ontario. The country has been hosting several major leagues for baseball in the past decades. Today, Canada joins international baseball competitions through the Canadian National Baseball Team.


Some of the star players in the field of hockey such as Sidney Crosby, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, and Jonathan Toews are from Canada. It is not a secret that Canadian athletes can easily outstand their opponents when it comes to the game of hockey.

The prestigious Allan Cup and Memorial Cup were won by Canadian hockey teams for junior and senior men. The country has been sending its national hockey team for the yearly Olympic games.


Football was first introduced in Canada as rugby football but was later on developed as the Canadian football. One of the greatest worldwide sports events is the Grey Cup. This is a football game played by major leagues hosted in Canada. Millions of tourists visit the country to be a part of this historic game of football.


Canadian cricket teams for men and women aren’t allowed to compete for international games, though they are allowed a one-day international match every year. Cricket is a minor sport played with bat and balls, sometimes discs.

This sport is popular in Canada as sports for universities and colleges. There are training teams for this sport, but they aren’t as pressured as other Canadian sports teams since they aren’t allowed to compete internationally.


Rugby has been always an important sport throughout Canadian history. They have been playing it since the early 1800s. Though the game seemed to be off for a little while in the 2000s, it has been brought to life when leagues and minor rugby teams were created. These teams are meant to relive the sport and introduce rugby as a competitive one.

On the top 6-10 of the list are basketball, curling, wrestling, soccer, and volleyball, respectively. There are a lot of sports Canadian citizens are engaged in. Due to this, Canada is known as one of the best countries competing in the field of sports all over the world.

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