Toronto, the biggest city in Canada, can be concluded as one of the most diverse places in the country. It homes a wide variety of culture, tourist attractions, the world-renowned CN Tower, and the popular Niagra falls. The aforementioned places are not the only reasons which made Toronto unique. According to this website it’s also one of the cities which legalized the use of CBD and CBD products such as CBD oil.

This article will talk about where to buy CBD and its products as well as its corresponding laws and regulations if you decide to undergo medical marijuana therapy.

Laws and Regulations in the Acquisition and Use of Marijuana

The government had implemented rules in using CBD to ensure safety and promote wellness not only to the users but to all the citizens in the city. Below are the rules which must be strictly followed to avoid penalties or even incarceration:

  • You must be 19 years old or above
  • Marijuana should only be used in private residences, public places such as parks and sidewalks, and designated smoking guest rooms
  • It should not be used in indoor common areas (condominiums, apartments, etc.), schools, hospitals, and other health care facilities
  • You must not drive under the influence of marijuana

Where to Purchase CBD Oil

If you’re looking to purchase CBD oil, below are some of the most popular and reliable places you can buy in Toronto.

Apollo Cannabis Clinic

This clinic is considered as one of the most suggested clinics to buy CBD in Toronto. Apollo Cannabis Clinic (ACC) is located at 201 to 240 Duncan Mill Rd., M3B 3S6. It has a special team which offers orientation and education seminars for free.

The staff in ACC focuses on enhancing their patients’ quality of life and making them relaxed on their CBD medications. Moreover, their management can even refer you to the finest doctors and specialists in the CBD field.

MMJ Canada

MMJ Canada is at 991 Bloor St. W, M6H 1M1. This facility reopened its doors to its customers back in 2013 and paved their way to becoming one of the best-sellers and producers of marijuana in Canada. This clinic ensures that you can acquire the CBD product you are looking for.

They offer various CBD-infused products to satisfy the needs of their ever-selective customers. On-site experts are also readily available to offer professional advice and consultation to patients. These experts greatly help patients in selecting their CBD medication before they decide to purchase a product.

Cannamed Clinic

Like any other excellent clinic that provides marijuana, this facility has standby physicians who assess patients before administering CBD medication. The staff at Cannamed Clinic firstly examines one’s overall health condition to decide if medical CBD is an appropriate treatment for that patient or not.

After the assessment, doctors will then give the medication to the patient as what the ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations) suggests. Cannamed Clinic is situated at 19-1118 Centre St., L4J 7R9.


In conclusion, you can undergo marijuana medication in Toronto as long as you are a qualified patient. Moreover, you must follow the rules and regulations upon undertaking these treatments to avoid undesirable consequences. You must always remember to only take the prescribed dosage to prevent addiction and dependent.

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