If you are relocating to a new home in Westmount and are concerned about reinstalling your ceiling fan, then you don’t have to worry as there is a secure do-it-yourself method. Rearranging www.crestarfan.com.sg/product fans is not as complicated as most people think.

Majority of the new and current houses have standard wires that can link to most fans. The cables come in various colors like black, neutral, green, and white. Fans that have light accessories have a blue cable separate from the others for light luggage. However, it links to the same black wire from the ceiling just like the black wire connects to the fan.

To relocate a ceiling fan, you will need the following:

  • Electrical tape
  • Sped drill
  • Pliers
  • Ladder
  • Head screw tip

Steps to Follow in Relocating Ceiling Fans

To start, you simply have to follow these steps:

  1. Find the breakers that regulate electricity flow to the fan and its new position and switch off both of them. Using a stepladder, take out the globes and bulbs to avoid any breakage during the moving process.
  2. Back up the bolts supporting the canopy that shields the electrical connections. Release the canopy to unleash the wires. Locate the wire rivets supporting the connections together. After that, take out the electrical tape guarding the wire bolts then examine the connection with a voltmeter to make sure the electricity is switched off.
  3. Sketch a diagram showing the wire connections. Rotate the screws in an anti-clockwise direction, then unravel the wires at all connections using pliers. Take out the down rod to release it from the mountain plate and put the fan apart.
  4. Undo the bolts supporting the mountain bracket on the ceiling. Shift the ladder from the old position to the new place of the fan. Fix the mounting bracket on the ceiling similarly to how it was held in its former position using a head screw tip and speed drill.
  5. Suspend the down rod of the fan inside the mounting bracket. Append the black and blue wires from the fan to the similar wire bolt with the black cable from the ceiling. Fasten the wire screw until it is tight and cover it with an electricity tape. Join the white wires in the same method. Afterward, link the ground wires in the same manner.


  • Always make sure the electricity is turned off before you touch any wires.
  • Avoid standing on the furthest top of a step ladder.
  • Always cover all wire bolts connection with electrical tape to guard the opening at the bottom
  • To make the process easier, take out the blades.
  • Coat or cover the wire ends from the previous position of the fan with electrical tape.
  • Cap the opening of the ceiling with a cover shield.


Transferring a ceiling fan is actually a DIY process which doesn’t require the help of an expert or electrician. If you follow the above steps and take proper cautions, you will be able to perform this straightforward process. Just make sure you have the right accessories before you start the process.

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