Born and raised in Pechea, Romania, Lucian Bute is one of the most celebrated professional boxers in Bell Center, Montreal. Since he adopted Montreal as his new hometown in 2003, Lucian has won 30 successive victories. According to, He also defended the International Boxing Federation super-middleweight trophy 9 times. Unpredictably, the 39-year old professional boxer recently announced a peaceful end to his successful career, which he has held esteem for 14 good years.

Possible Reasons for Bute’s Unexpected Retirement?

Before the announcement, the boxer hadn’t entered the ring for about 2 years. That’s following the 5th defeat to Eleider Alvarez, the ex-titleholder. For the last seven years of his career, Lucian Bute won only twice and lost 5 times. Losing 5 in 7 matches is really disheartening and could be one of the reasons he couldn’t cope any longer.

As per his announcement, Lucian felt that retiring was the best decision he could make at 39.  He really had achieved a lot for the 14 years of active participation in boxing competitions. Being healthy and fit, he also believed retiring would give him ample time to take care of his wife and the two children he holds dear.

Having sacrificed, worked out, and made extraordinary effort to realize all the achievements, Lucians felt that the scholarships, medals, diplomas, boxing equipment, and belts he won during his career as a boxing champion in Bell Center, Montreal, which are enough proof of a successful career.

Could Lucian Bute Have Redeemed Himself If He Stayed Longer?

At 39, Bute doesn’t look old and tired. Some people say that if he stayed longer, he could have redeemed himself. However, most people believe staying longer could only have added to his woes. But looking at the matter keenly, Bute’s career was doomed once he decided to fight against high-caliber oppositions like Froch, Eleider Alvarez, James DeGale, Jean Pascal, and Badoi despite the winless spree.

Engaging elite fighters only at a point where he seriously needed a breather made matters worse. If at all Bute had engaged a few average fighters to boost his confidence, he probably wouldn’t have lost so terribly. He would probably be soaring higher even now.

Was the Retirement a Worth It?

Different people have different views regarding the worthiness of Lucian Bute’s retirement. As it’s always said, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and, in this case, only Bute knows how retiring would change or improve his life.

Bute’s loss to Froch following many years of consecutive wins was the start of woes in his successful career. He had already established himself, and most people including his promoters, trainers, and fans had enough trust in him. The loss seriously affected him mentally, making him weaker emotionally.  He lost the confidence he previously had while engaging elite fighters, and he couldn’t stand them any longer; this is the reason why he kept on losing. Regardless of all the comments given to Bute, he stays adamant on retiring, fully closing this career in boxing.

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