It is truly said that home is where your heart is. But that heart will only be as strong as you make it be. With changing times, there have been numerous changes in roofer in Mobile as well as the constructional features of residential homes.

What Drives These Trends?

A lot of these changes have been affected by the rapid environmental change in the last century. To cope with these drastic changes, roofing and restoration companies have been forced to rethink the way they construct the roofs of residential homes.

Other than the much needed environmental conscious changes, other changes in the roofing and restoration industry are purely based on various fashion trends floating around in modern society. Why not build a solid foundation with some style?

Let us have a look at some of the most popular residential roofing trends of 2019:

Lighter Shades – Gone are the days when dark red or brown used to be the go-to choice for roof colors. People are now moving towards much lighter colors such as warm blues, light greens, and the lighter neutrals such as white and beige. While most people are making this change for an aesthetic purpose, lighter colored roofs also reflect light and heat and keep the house much cooler in hot conditions.

Green Roofs – You might not have a space for a garden in your residential home, but you can always make sure that your roof is covered in green pastures now! A green roof is becoming a trend among environmentally conscious people. Even after its high installation cost, they help cut the pollutant levels around as well as help to save electricity by stabilizing the house’s interior temperature.

Concrete Roofs – With hazardous weather calamities on the rise, people are looking to build stronger residential structures to protect themselves. Concrete roofs are the best option for anyone who is looking for a strong and stable structure. If installed properly, these roofs can last for almost a lifetime.

Skylights – Originally introduced as a concept for commercial projects, skylights are also gaining a strong user base in the residential roofing house projects as well. Skylights allow much more natural light to enter into the structure and reduce the consumption of electricity. And because they are insulated very well, they also help regulate the temperature of a structure.

Cool Roofs – Another trend that is very popular are the installation of a cool roof, which use a combination of insulating material and light shades of paint to keep the house cooler. They are considered to be cheaper than the above options as well.


Overall, these trends have been largely affected by a need to provide a more environmentally conscious solution for the construction of homes. The roofing and restoration industry is constantly working around the clock to provide safer and more economical solutions for residential housing complexes.

As a homeowner, it is our responsibility to be fully aware of the latest trends in the market and make a choice after carefully factoring all the options available to us. While the foundation and the inner structure is an important part, make sure you pay equal attention to the roof of the house too.

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