Being a travel agent can be very challenging. You have to manage several social media accounts, blogs, emails, and your agency’s website. But one of the most important tasks of a travel agent is marketing the business like a custom t shirts shop not only to its current clients but also to prospective ones.

If you want to effectively promote your travel agency to cities like that of Westmount in Montreal, Quebec, here are some effective methods that you can add to your marketing plan.

Always be prepared

Wherever you go, you must always be ready to present your marketing piece to anyone who might be interested. Master whatever it is that you must learn about the services your agency provides and always be prepared in case someone who knows you would ask some questions.

Add Unique and Attention-Grabbing Posts on Social Media

The number of social media users is growing every day, so it is important that you regularly update your travel agency’s online accounts. Create posts that would attract your online audience by sharing content on recommended travel destinations, new travel deals, packing tips and must-haves, itineraries, and other travel-related ideas.

Send Monthly Newsletters

Keeping in contact with your clients is very important. To do so, you can send them monthly newsletters with content that focuses on whatever is trending during travel seasons. Regardless of what the time of the month it is, make sure to consistently send emails to your clients to give them ideas on what to do in case they get some free time.

Send Direct Mail

Always remember that not all your clients regularly check their emails or social media accounts, so it is best that you also send them something through direct mail. For special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or other life events that you happen to know of, try sending a personal card to your client. Also, don’t forget to insert something travel-related to your message and remind them that you can be of assistance for any of their travel needs. In this way, you’re doing marketing in a more meaningful manner.

Join Trade Fairs and Set Up Your Own Booth

Joining travel trade shows can be an excellent way to promote your travel agency especially in cities. Check event center schedules, malls, and fairgrounds for the latest updates on their fairs and events. Once you have joined, try giving out special packages and promotions to help introduce your business to potential clients.


Giving out items that contain your agency’s information would help expose your business to many people. Examples of some giveaways are custom t-shirts, keychains, fans, and other low-cost items that you think your clients would enjoy or use during their travels.

Local Advertising

Taking your ads to the most common local spots such as in restaurants, bus stops, parks, and train stations can really help expand the reach of your business. By putting your business information out to the public, people will be informed that your services are readily available.

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