Westmount is a high-end neighborhood some few minutes from Montreal. The suburb’s surrounding is always kept clean, but if you don’t know about the mold inspection services in Houston then don’t worry. Now, imagine your long-lost college best friend is visiting, and she keeps texting you how beautiful and clean Westmount supposedly is. At that moment, you take a look at your house, and you don’t like what you see. Your friend is about 1 hour away. What do you do?

The first thing you should do is to keep calm because you can make your Westmount apartment sparkle in just a few minutes. Secondly, follow the tips listed below.

Focus On Rooms the Guest Will Probably Visit

You are short of time to clean the whole apartment. You should narrow the cleaning to only a few spots where the guest will probably use. Shut the doors to rooms such as the study or the garage. Put your focus on cleaning the living room, the lounge, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.

Pick Up the Dirty Laundry

Go to all the necessary rooms picking up clothes, towels, socks, shoes and other stuff lying on the floor or in the places they shouldn’t be. Collect them all and throw them in your laundry hamper. There is no need to wash since you don’t have the time; your friend is 50 minutes away.

Collect Empty Glasses and Cups and The Dirty Dishes

Glimpse through your tables and counters. Is there any dirty utensil? If yes, pick them up and take them to the kitchen sink, but don’t wash them yet.

Collect Your Cleaning Supplies and Put Them in One Bucket

This sounds like a simple move, but it is a necessary time-saving step especially for the next few steps. You do not want to waste time searching for a disinfectant while you are cleaning the bathroom.

Clean The Bathroom

It doesn’t have to be a thorough scrub-cleaning; you just need a quick clean. Clean the toilet, the sink, and the mirror and put away the driers, pills, and shaving creams into the bathroom closet. Close the shower curtain or door whichever your apartment features. You may take a quick glimpse to see if there are any mold in the bathroom before leaving.

Tidy Up Other Surfaces

By now, the hardest tasks are over. You should now clean the surfaces in the living room, kitchen and bedroom. Arrange anything out of place, wipe or dust the tables, stands, and countertops, fluff your pillows, spread your bed and vacuum places that seem too dusty. Do not vacuum the whole apartment. Finally, you can either light a scented candle or use an air freshener.

Take Out the Trash

Collect all the trash and bag them up. Take them out of the apartment confidently because your friend will not meet you on the driveway; she is still 20 minutes away.

Do The Dishes

Do not forget about those dishes you put away in the sink. Clean them up quickly and the five minutes remaining before your friend arrives, make a cup of tea and enjoy waiting for the bell to ring.

Cleaning your home does not have to take an eternity. More so when an unexpected visitor is about to knock on your door in a few minutes.

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