In Canada, one of the most sought after residential areas is Westmount. Remember to compare homeowners insurance quotes when you move in the area though. Security is tight, but it’s safer to prepare too.

It is the most affluent suburb located in the city of Montreal. The area has excellent schools, both public and private; there are several beautiful parks and public amenities such as swimming pools and a sporting arena. Westmount is also a few minutes away from downtown Montreal and Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. The mountainous neighbourhood is popular among Quebec businesses men and many politicians. There are also several foreigners from all over the world who love to reside in the area. If you’re interested to retire on Westmount, here are the big reasons why living here is great:

Location and Scenery

Westmount is situated on the summit of one peak of the royal mount which is part of the Monteregian Hills. The area is covered in urban forestry with big green spaces. It has a great view of the city and the mountain peaks behind. The roads are lined with trees and have some beautiful architecture, mostly Victorian and English Tudor Revival styles.

Westmount is only a few minutes away from downtown Montreal. It only takes about 7-15 minutes by car depending on traffic and about 15 minutes by bicycle. For those looking to stay fit, a walk to downtown Montreal will be ideal since it is not that far.

Luxurious Amenities

Westmount is rich in many public and private facilities. There are three public parks where residents can walk, cycle, or hike. The streets are stocked with several antique shops, art galleries, grocery stores, a variety of restaurants: Italian, French, and a multicultural restaurant, and shopping malls such as the Victorian village. There is also a new recreational center that has just been opened recently.

There are several high-end private schools in the area all within walking distance. One of the schools is a French-language school serving the French community living in the area. The roads are nicely paved for safe and comfortable travel to and from the city center. There is subway transport courtesy of the Atwater metro station.

Public Services

Westmount has its independent police; they are mostly on Yellow SUVs. It also has a fire department, snow removal department, garbage disposal, and recycling department. The services are offered with utmost reliability and with high standards. The local city hall staff is one of the friendliest and most helpful among government employees.


The price of the property at Westmount might discourage some people, but if you are well off, Westmount offers the most valuable properties in Canada. Compared to other high-end neighborhoods in other cities, the area gives value for a dollar.

Most houses are considered as heritage buildings which makes it even more valuable to buy a house in this area.

Westmount is a desirable residential area that anyone would love to live in. If you want to live in such a scenic place full of all amenities and just a short distance from the city center, then this is the place for you.

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