Cruising is one of the best travel adventures that you can get while on vacation. It is the best way to relax while exploring different places at the same time. A cruise ship also offers other features and amenities that will definitely bring new adventures and experience to all travellers. As stated by, there are still a few things that you can do to make your cruising adventures more exciting and fun and one of them is to bring a bike.

Taking a Bike in a Cruise Ship

Does cruise ship allow their customers to bring their own bike during a cruise? Remember, cleaning boats are of utmost priority in sea navigation and cruising is no different. As a guide, there are cruise ship companies that allow bringing a particular bike, a folded bike in particular, while you are on a cruise. There are also others that prohibit bringing any type of bike aboard the cruise ship.

For your safety, it is best for you to check on the cruise ship company to avoid inconvenience in the future. As of 2018, below are the rules of some cruise ship companies regarding bikes.

Royal Caribbean – The Company did not list a bicycle as one of the prohibited items that you cannot take inside the ship. So, there is a chance that you can bring a folded bike with you while on the cruising adventure. To make sure, it is important to contact their management to know the details.

P&O Cruises – This Company allows all customers to bring a folded bicycle in their cruising journey provided that they must store the bike inside their own cabin.

Holland America – Folded bikes are included in their list of prohibited items, so you cannot bring it inside the cruise ship.

Norwegian Cruise Lines – This Company does not prohibit bringing folded bicycles on board their cruise ship. However, electric bicycles are strictly prohibited due to their very large batteries. Just to make sure, please contact the management to avoid any inconvenience.

Carnival Cruise – This Company does not allow regular bicycles inside their cruise ship. However, they allow folded bikes with wheels of 20” and should only be used in the port vicinity.

Princess Cruise – This Company does not allow any type of bicycles inside their cruise ship.

Please take note that the list above is not definite and final.  Please double check with the cruise ship management before bringing your bike in the ship.

Why Bring a Bike on a Cruise Ship?

Bringing a bike on your cruise makes your journey more fun and exciting. As they say, the bike is the best way to explore any place in your cruising destination. A full day of biking can let you discover and explore several places at your own pace provided that it is in accordance with the rules of your cruise ship company. Using a bike can also give you a lot of health benefits while you are on vacation mode, so you’re hitting two birds with one stone.


Increase the excitement in your cruising journey by bringing a bike with you. However, always check the cruise ship company before attempting to bring your bike inside the cruise ship to avoid any inconveniences.

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